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Production of all video and award show animations since 2015

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Europas Unconference & Awards
July 2019

Since 2015, my team and I have been handling all of the video and animation for the Europas Conference and startup awards in London.

This work requires high levels of planning, organisation and teamwork, as we needed to design and prep the awards graphics well in advance, and film the event and get overnight first cuts of the event videos so they could be distributed to the media the next day.

Here is some of the work. We produced dozens of variations on each animation: one for each award category. These needed to be triggered live on the night of the event, in the right order, at exactly the right moment. Everything went smoothly! As you can see from these examples, the work has become more refined over the years as we raise the bar each year.

2019 awards show animation:

In 2019, we went with 3D, as I wanted the work to have a fresh, organic feel. This animation was created in Cinema4D (C4D). The idea (loosely speaking) is that startups are ''forged'' in the brains of their founders, hence the sparks!

2019 event video:

2018 awards show animation:

In 2018, blockchain was all the rage. The idea here was to convey a sense of geometric complexity whilst avoiding tech ''cliches''.

2018 event videos:

2017 awards show motion animation:

In 2017 we had a huge panoramic screen to play with!

2017 event video: featuring a jet pack!

2016 awards show motion animation:

An example of early work. We've come a long way since then, but I still like this design.

2016 event video:

2015 event video: featuring a fire-breathing robot horse!

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