The Hustler's Guide to the Pandemic
How to build a resilient business in the era of COVID-19

The Hustler's Guide to The Pandemic.

This book can help you develop a more resilient mindset, improve your financial situation, and make your business more effective in challenging times.

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This book will teach you how to:

•Handle uncertainty
•Build resilience
•Increase your cash runway
•Take your business online
•Do marketing in a crisis
•Pivot your business
•Price your work in a crisis
•Go international

•Case studies
•And much more!

Amazon Reviews:

"Thorough, insightful, pragmatic advice. Especially valuable because this advice is useful during any period of uncertainty or financial stress and will strengthen your business even when things are going well."

"This book applies a broad range of universal strategies on business, money and mindset, tailored to this exceptional situation we're dealing with. Entertaining, insightful and never compromising on integrity. One of the things I especially liked about the book is the way that ideas from martial arts, psychology and philosophy are tied together in a practical way."

"Perspective matters, and Tom sharing his POV helps the reader understand their own situation much better. The book is entertaining, thoughtful and enables you to think differently about your business and the state you are in. A recommended read that should make the reader reassess the next steps of dealing with an uncertain economic future and adapt accordingly."

"I'm not an entrepreneur, nor am I particularly interested in books about business. Yet I was amazed by the amount of advice I was able to find in the book and that I can apply to my daily life and my personal growth. It's a well-written book where you can almost feel the author is sitting by your side and speaking to you. It's a compendium of life and professional experience. I would definitely recommend everybody to read it. Personally, I've taken on board some very good tips that have helped me go through these hard times. And although the book is mostly framed in the context of Covid-19, the values and ideas it contains equally apply to any other challenging times that we may have to go through."