Hi everyone! I'm Tom.

Tom explaining something very interesting

I'm Tom. I'm a storyteller, teacher, consultant and plant-based athlete.

I've been on this path, living and working around the world, since I quit my teaching job in 2008.

I've always loved combining creative and analytical thinking. My love of mathematics led to an interest in philosophy, which I studied at university.

After a few years of teaching, I began a long creative career, focusing on storytelling for the tech industry. I built a niche advertising business, which has now evolved into Storytelling for Techies: an educational platform that helps technical minds become better communicators.

My approach to the world is influenced/powered by philosophy, mathematics, foreign languages, many years of living and working abroad, yoga, judo, BJJ, techno, creative direction and teaching.

This wealth of experience and perspectives gives my clients an edge, and I hope to share these advantages with you here, on my newly rebooted personal site.

Other projects:

Financial Films: a finance-industry-focused content production business.

My book: A survival guide for freelancers and small businesses in the 2020-2022 period. Essentially, it's all about how to build resilience and navigate uncertainty, so many of the lessons are universal. I'll make this available for free on the site somewhere for anyone who wants to read it, as it was originally distributed for free.

I've also spoken on stages internationally and done a TEDx talk. You can find a list of my speaking engagements here.

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