Creative Director (I make content with my team), Consultant (I solve complex problems, especially in digital) and Speaker (I give talks about stuff) based in London & Berlin & working worldwide.

ADIDAS, Coca-Cola, Siemens, McKinsey
& The British Council.

MY CREATIVE WORK has appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, VICE, TechCrunch, and more.

This site is currently undergoing maintenance but you can check out some creative work here.


I’m fascinated by ideas.I was born in the North of England and always loved both the arts and the sciences, so I continued studying both until university, where I graduated with a degree in philosophy, with a heavy focus on philosophy of language and mathematical logic.

Philosophy is hard. At the time I didn’t know exactly what I’d do with it, but fortunately, in the UK, your studies aren’t explicitly tied to your career. I’ve written a separate post on philosophy: check it out if you’re interested on why I think it’s important.

After university I worked as a language teacher for a few years in Japan and Malaysia, earning a postgraduate diploma in language teaching. The diploma taught me how to teach, or rather, how to help others learn in an engaging and interactive way. I also moved from language teaching into training, and this experience has been invaluable ever since.

During my time in Asia I set up a photography business on the side, eventually quitting teaching/training so I could pursue photography full-time. I returned to Europe just as the financial crisis of 2008 was kicking in, so I learned some tough lessons about building a bootstrapped business.

Throughout my career as a professional photographer, I was constantly aware of the transformational impact of digital technology. I cut my teeth in photography when film was still the norm, but after a few years, the industry had been completely ”disrupted” by digital cameras and smartphones. I knew my business had to adapt to survive, but I also developed a keen interest in tech itself, and focused my attention on the tech sector. I hired some people and began offering other digital services, including video production and animation, and the business became an agency.I also began to realise that whilst I loved photography and creativity, I wanted to do other things, and apply the same analytical rigour I used to enjoy when I was studying philosophy and maths.

I found that much of the hard-won experience I’d gained in building my creative business, my teaching and training skills, plus my knack for analytical thinking was all transferable to tech, and I’ve been working mostly in the tech sector ever since.

My team and I now offer an end-to-end service. Essentially we help businesses clarify their ideas and get them off the ground, and then communicate what they are doing to the world. In my spare time, my big loves are judo, which has its own tab in my bio, and languages (I speak seven, to varying levels of proficiency from fluent to just-about-getting-by). In the last couple of years I’ve also got into Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


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